Darlene H. Thiessen Notary Corporation

Notary Public

Services Offered


Real Estate Transactions

  • Residential purchase and sale
  • Refinancing
  • Builders liens
  • Manufactured home purchase and sale


Personal Planning

  • Powers of Attorney
  • Representation Agreements
  • Advance Directives 
  • Wills



  • Affidavits
  • Statutory Declarations
  • Certified copies
  • Travel letters 
  • Authentication of documents for use in a foreign jursidiction

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Darlene H. Thiessen Notary Corporation

5814 Riverside Street, Abbotsford, British Columbia V4X 1T6, Canada

604-287-7177 Darlene H. Thiessen Notary Corporation, Notary Public, Member

Hours - Open Monday - Friday

Available for evening and weekend appointments.

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